Compact Dry Steam Fogging Unit

£895.00 £795.00 excluding VAT

Includes 12 Month Warranty

Disinfectant and Sanitising attachments included.

Key Benefits

Cleaning and Sanitising Abilities

Compact Fogging and Sterilising Unit

We are relaunching the compact fogger due to a second wave of COVID in the countrywide community.

The compact fogger is a duel purpose fogging, cleaning and sanitizing machine.

Unlike other foggers on the market it uses dry steam technology. This means the approved disinfectant is carried in the air by vapor. The vapor will then easily access all parts of a room to kill virus, bacteria and mould. With other foggers on the market, water droplets will fall to the ground, and not carried where need be.

The compact fogger’s robust and lightweight design makes it easy to use throughout home or business.

With its fogging attachment and included EN 14476 approved disinfectant, it kills 99.9% of virus effectively.

For areas that are built up with grease, grime and mould, the included cleaning and sanitizing attachments will help to give you a clean surface, ready for the fogging attachment to do its job.

With a press and a click you can change the attachment to suit the job you are doing.

Supplied in this package is our researched and sourced EN 14476 approved chemical. The chemical is safe to use around food as it is alcohol and chlorine free, also making it environmentally friendly.

More Details

Machine Specification

Power Supply
230v 50/60 Hz
Maximum Power
2,200 Watt
Steam Pressure
5 Bar nominal
Boiler Capacity
3 Litres
Boiler Material
Stainless Steel AISI 304
Maximum Boiler Temperature
Heating Up Time
Approx. 4 minutes
35 Mins
Power Cable Length
5 Meters
Dimensions (WxDxH)
28cm x 30cm x 22cm
Net Weight
6.5 Kg
Shipping Weight
10 Kg
Certification/ Marking
Adjustable Output Regulator
Yes - On Pistol Grip
Over-Pressure Alarm
Low Water Indicator
Yes - Visual and Acoustic

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Delivery Information

Due to high demand, orders will take 1-2 weeks delivery. We will notify you when we have shipped your machine.