Businesses are re-opening, employees are returning to work places, and everyone is adapting to their new work life while COVID-19 still spreads the globe.

Business owners are aware that health and safety precautions are more important than ever and measures have to be put in place to avoid further waves of infections.

We’ve partnered with JB Services Group to deliver a range of sanitisation products which aim to keep companies, staff and customers as safe as possible.

With our Detect and Protect packages, you can keep your business safe. Alert those without a mask, detect abnormally high temperatures and sanitise your whole facility quickly and efficiently.

These packages include products such as the Dry Steam Fogging Unit – an environmentally friendly, easy-to-use sanitiser that kills up to 99% of viruses – as well as the installation and maintenance of Heat Detection technology.

Detect High Temperatures

Our thermal imaging cameras are installed at the entrance to your facility, scanning from a distance of up to 9 metres and able to screen as many as 45 individuals at any one time. Once a high temperature is detected, the technology will send out discreet alerts to selected emails. As an abnormally high temperature is a symptom of COVID-19, these cameras can be effective in protecting your colleagues, customers and clients without the need to invade their personal space.

Control Density and Mask Wearing

With Face Mask Detection, choose between setting your cameras to refuse entry and lock doors against those without a protective face mask, or simply use the detection technology to alert individuals that masks are a necessary precaution inside your facility. The camera systems can also be upgraded to count those entering and leaving the building. Whatever features suit your business, we design completely bespoke packages.

Sanitise Your Facility

Compact dry steam fogging units are an effective and eco-friendly way to kill 99% of viruses (including coronavirus). Dry steam has less than 5% moisture, meaning it cannot contain any impurities. It has the advantage of being able to deep clean hard to access surfaces or those which cannot be manually cleaned, including rough or textured surfaces that could contain hidden viruses. Keep your facility sanitised – and your company safe – with this product starting at £895 plus VAT.

The compact fogging unit for effortless use

Benefits of the Dry Steam Fogging Unit

  • Dry steam technology.
  • Reassurance to customers and employees.
  • 12 Month manufacturers warranty.
  • Easy to use, robust design.
  • Effortless fogging and sterilisation.
  • Kills up to 99.9% of virus when used with EN14476 approve anti-viral chemical.
  • Includes 1L of EN14476 Approve Anti-Viral Chemical Solution.
  • Includes 1x Face Shield.

Suits: Restaurants, Pubs, Small Shops, Doctor Surgerys & More

Includes 12 Month Free Warranty, 1L of EN14476 Approved Anti-Viral Chemical and Face Shield.

£895.00 Plus VAT

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